Cool & Dry 3D Mat for Pram / Car Seat

7b-colchoneta-univ-transpirable-3d 7b-colchoneta-univ-transpirable-3d (2)
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Finally a solution so that the baby / child can feel comfortable even during the warmest of summer months! The mat absorbs sweat and provides a dry and pleasant space for the child, whether it is in a car seat or a pram. The air circulates freely and sweat is absorbed.

Universal mattress with back in breathable 3d fabric that
keeps your baby cool and dry (creates an air chamber to promote
Constant circulation of air in the back, legs and head.
Excess heat from the body is eliminated and replaced by
fresher ambient air.
Helps hold baby’s head up for extra comfort.
The head support is adjusted by Velcro to adapt to the growth
of the baby.
Easily fits any stroller, baby carrier or car seat.
Machine washable.

Dimensions: 64x42x2,5 cm

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